DNA Lab Locations

With over 3000 locations nationwide and results can be expected within 48 hours once received at our lab.

Call us now 24/7 on Toll Fee Number: 1-888-340-4644  for ordering your Paternity Home Test Kit

We can post the Home Paternity Test kit to below States:

Alabama – Advance Paternity Test lab
Alaska – DNA and Paternity Test Center
Arizona – Paternity Tests
Arkansas – cheap paternity tests
California – dna testing labs
Colorado – low cost paternity test
Connecticut – affordable paternity testing
Delaware – dna testing lab
Florida – home dna test
Georgia – child dna testing
Hawaii – test for paternity
Idaho – paternity testing lab
Illinois – legal dna testing
Indiana – court ordered paternity test
Iowa – at home paternity test
Kansas – home paternity testing
Kentucky – dna paternity testing services
Louisiana – infidelity test
Maine – Paternity Test laboratory
Maryland – Paternity test home kits
Massachusetts – Paternity and DNA testing
Michigan – DNA home testing kits
Minnesota – DNA test kits
Mississippi – cheap paternity test kits
Missouri – 48hrs paternity test results
Montana – paternity results in 48hrs
Nebraska – order paternity home kits
Nevada – order affortable paternity kits
New Hampshire – Paternity test in usa
New Jersey – paternal dna testing
New Mexico – Paternity Test
New York – dna testing for paternity
North Carolina – Paternity Test
North Dakota – Paternity Test
Ohio – grand parent testing
Oklahoma – Paternity Test
Oregon – maternity test
Pennsylvania – Paternity Test
Rhode Island – at home dna tests
South Carolina – legal paternity tests
South Dakota – home paternity
Tennessee – find paternity testing labs
Texas – paternity testing laboratory
Utah – paternity testing kits
Vermont – Paternity Test
Virginia – paternity testing lab
Washington – cost of paternity test
West Virginia – Paternity Test
Wisconsin – legal paternity test
Wyoming – dna testing results

We Now Offer Testing in Puerto Rico

Communities Served

  • Aguadilla
  • Carolina
  • Isla Verde Carolia
  • Rio Pedras
  • San Juan